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Sander is the boss at Baas & Baas. As an entrepreneur and online marketer, he is always looking for the best possible solutions. In addition, he likes to travel the world for inspiration and nice workplaces. His expertise lies in advertising, web development, SEO and content marketing. Want to get in touch with Sander directly? Send an email to info@baasenbaas.nl.
11 08, 2020

Create a good landing page

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Landing pages are an important part of your website. These pages help increase your conversion. But what is a good landing page and what should it meet? We are happy to tell you that! First we explain what landing pages are and why they are so important and landing page is the page on your website where [...]

14 07, 2020

The perfect website Q: Zeitgeist

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Would he exist? The perfect website? In this blog series we are looking for the answer. After the first four blogs we move on to the fifth element: to what extent the website should be adapted to the spirit of the times. As we discussed before, a website is never static. There is always dynamism in your company and you [...]

7 07, 2020

Lead generation via LinkedIn

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For some companies, LinkedIn is THE platform for lead generation and social selling. LinkedIn is a business platform meant for professionals. Companies share their portfolio and knowledge on the platform, but it is also an ultimate tool to expand your network. How can you organize your LinkedIn profile in such a way that it is [...]

9 06, 2020

Facebook marketing checklist

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How do you ensure that more visitors come to your website? And how do you then know for sure that these are actually relevant visitors? By means of a checklist we show you how to get relevant visitors to your website with the help of Facebook Marketing. Let's explain briefly first [...]

13 05, 2020

The perfect website IV: Editorial Thinking

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Would he exist? The perfect website? From the biggest ideas to the smallest details, Baas & Baas leaves nothing to chance to find the perfect site. After blogs one, two and three, we now look more deeply at your content. And to do that right, we have to learn to think like the better [...]

13 04, 2020

The perfect website III: The Funnel

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Would he exist? The perfect website? In this blog series, Baas & Baas looks at the ideal website. After the first blog and second blog, we will continue with the main core of your online strategy, the funnel. And we drop in the door. Where is the priority? The perfect website is one [...]

7 04, 2020

Tips for good Instagram marketing

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for commercial companies. The photo and video platform has more than 1 billion monthly users, of which 500 million are active daily. 1. Ensure good quality Instagram is image-oriented: every photo must be beautiful, together the photos form a story. Recently Instagram has a [...]

5 04, 2020

The craziest Google hits

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What are the most crazy google hits in the world? Of course, stereotyping is very common. For example, the Netherlands is associated with Weed, Kaas and Klompen. Germans are often mentioned in a sense with beer and in Turkey beautiful carpets are apparently made. The fixr company has been investigating google searches by country. They [...]