Instagram is still the channel to reach a large target group today. The question remains: how are you seen well on Instagram and how do you grow your followers on Instagram? In this second article in the series ''How do you get more followers on Instagram?'' we give you tips to realize this. This article discusses '' promotional activities ''.

Rely on influencers

Maybe this sounds easier than done, because how do you find the right influencers for your brand? You will find the answer with the help of an influencer platform. With such a platform you can determine which requirements your influencers must meet, assess how they perform and convert (after all, that is what you want to get out of it!). Please note that your chosen influencer niche is specific. An influencer can still have so many followers, but if they do not convert - because the content and target group are not aligned - then it will still be of no use.

For companies / brands that are relatively small compared to the competitor, approaching an influencer is an affordable and profitable approach. Rely on influencers with a small audience (under 10,000). Try to convince them of a collaboration in which they place a post for you in exchange for a free product and possible commission. Do not approach one but more than one; you will see that a few are willing to do this. If the influencer is benevolent, you can also ask him or her to take a photo with the product which you can then use (with permission!) In your advertisements. Customer photos as well as reviews create social proof, which benefits your conversions.


Instagram ads

Of course, an online advertising campaign should not be missed. Especially if you want more followers on Instagram. How can you promote your brand better than showing yourself through a targeted advertisement to your desired target group? At Baas & Baas we know by now how to run an effective campaign and keep it running, so that the conversions are also not disappointing. Our experience shows that the follower number increases when online advertisements are used. Do you also want to achieve more conversions? Read all about it here Instagram marketing!

Make contact with fellow companies

Why not even send a message to that fellow company that is approaching the same target group? After all, together you are stronger than alone. Try to make it clear in a short but sweet message what your idea and goal is and send it via your Instagram DMs (this immediately shows who you are as a company). This increases the chance that your message will be read and that it will actually be answered.


Organize a giveaway

Yes, it sounds basic, but such an action is very beneficial for increasing the interaction with and brand awareness of your brand. Try to think outside the box; step away from the standard actions that you already see everywhere on Instagram and walk a new path. User-generated content is one of the most effective ways to interact with your customers and increase your awareness. People will tag you and share your giveaway message. It is up to you to repost this content on your own account. This shows the other followers that the giveaway is popular, which may convince them to participate.

Please note that the giveaway is attractive. Be clear about what you want your followers to do and why. Do not ask too much of them, as this can create a barrier not to participate. The feasibility of the promotion is of course also something to keep an eye on. Nobody has the desire and time to invest a lot of time and energy in a particular participation. So keep the action close to the participant himself; his environment, behavior, etc.  


Promote posts

Promote your best performing Instagram posts / stories! You probably got a message from Instagram that that one post you posted yesterday is doing so much % better than all your other posts. This is a so-called popular message that performs well among your target audience. Why is this? Find it out through the Instagram Analytics. Which elements have ensured this greater reach? Is it the hashtags? Is it the text? How to use emojis? You name it. That way you can learn from doing it so well again in the future. 

To come back to the popular post for a moment; you can promote this via Instagram. A species Instagram advertising, but different! What does that mean? For a fee you can bring the mail to the attention of an even larger target group to generate more involvement. This can lead to new visits to your profile or online store. And therefore more followers on Instagram!


Promote profile

We just talked about promoting high-performing posts. You can of course also do this with your profile! How do you create more followers than dto promote your Instagram account. Let your people know where to find you. Therefore, share your profile on your other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and the emerging medium TikTok by means of a nice post. Don't do all of this at the same time. That can perhaps be experienced as a bit guiding and annoying. Therefore, make sure that you spread the posts over time and across the channels. You can also link to your Instagram profile at the bottom of your blogs. By promoting your account you work on your visibility of your profile. The more people know your profile, the sooner they will look up and follow it.


Be proactive

Post comments

Be proactive! In the sense of actively responding to the posts of competitors. Look at the content they share and occasionally respond under their post with, for example, a humorous comment or a tip or trick from their own practice. Maybe their followers will follow you too. How do you know when these competitors have posted something? Very simple! Press the bell at the top right of the competitor's profile and volia: you will receive a notification when they have posted something. You can then immediately give a like or respond to this.


Follow potential customers

You can also choose to take the first step towards a larger fan base yourself. For this, look at the followers of your competitors. Who are these? Would they have the same interest in your products or services? If so, go ahead and start following these people. Also like messages from them and respond to them if necessary. The personal aspect of 'being seen' is important. And maybe they will follow you back. Make sure that you do not ultimately follow many more people than they follow you. That may be a bit skewed. If people still haven't started following you back after a certain amount of time, be proactive about unfollowing these people again so that the balance remains in balance.



There are plenty of promotional activities. You can choose to use all these forms or to focus on 1 activity and get the most out of it. Instagram advertising, influencers, giveaways, collaborations, promotions, everything is possible! What is your favorite way of promoting? Let us know, we are curious;)