Today Instagram is still the channel to reach a large target group. Both young and old are familiar with the medium and share their necessary photos and videos with the outside world. The infinite feed also awakens a kind FOMO on; the fear of missing out on. New, interesting content that you probably should have seen. This often results in hours of squinting and scrolling to make sure you haven't missed anything! This is therefore a golden resource for companies and organizations! But the question remains: how are you seen well on Instagram and how do you get followers on Instagram? In this first article in the series ''How do you get more followers on Instagram?'' we give you tips to realize this. First, the optimization of '' posts / messages '' is discussed.


Make use of hashtags

And no, not just any ordinary hashtag (#), but one that is recognizable and relevant. All you have to do is put your brand name behind this hashtag. If it is the case that this brand name is a daily used word, you can consider using a hashtag including your brand slogan to be more distinctive. In the beginning, probably only you will use the hashtag. However, as your brand grows in popularity and more and more people purchase your products, you will see that this hashtag will also be adopted by your audience. And that is of course what you want, because that way you generate more followers on Instagram.

Okay, now you have your own hashtag. And then? Select 29 other hashtags that you consider relevant to your products / services / brand. 30 hashtags under your Instagram Post is the max, so let's make good use of this number. These hashtags belong in the first comment under your Instagram Post.


Tip: Make a note of all of these hashtags one after the other so you don't have to type them out over and over again when you post. 


Where do you get good inspiration for relevant and well-functioning hashtags? Various tools have been created for this, such as Hashtagify and Top Hashtags. These tools provide you with insights into a list of the most popular hashtags for your specific keyword, how popular it is and in which country they are most used. In addition to tools like these, you can also do research yourself. Enter your keyword with hashtag on Instagram (eg #book). This hashtag will then appear along with more related hashtags that you can also add to your collection. You can also take a look at your competitor. There is a good chance that they have already studied this in order to arrive at well-performing keywords; Better well nicked than badly conceived right! Need even more inspiration? Use popular weekly or thematic hashtags like #followfriday, #throwbackthursday, #TBT etc.


Pay attention to the time / day that you post

Good content is essential to stand out from the daily content that your target audience sees. It is also important to look at the times at which you post your messages. After all, your target group also has a day's schedule that includes work or other activities. As a result, they do not always have the time to scroll down Instagram. Posting a message at times when the target group is busy is therefore not ideal; your message will then disappear in the feed due to the constant new flow of content. Now you are probably wondering what is the best time to post now. In general, the best times are around lunch (11am - 1pm) and in the evening around seven to nine (7pm to 9pm). If we look at the best days, these are mainly Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sundays are not recommended due to the low number of users who are active this day. 

Although these '' overall '' best performing days, it is not immediately said that this applies to every company / brand. If you want more followers on Instagram, it is useful to keep an eye on how well your different posts are performing. For this you use Instagram Analytics! If you have posted a number of messages, you can use Instagram Analytics see how your messages have performed and how your target group behaves (when they are online and on which days). If you do not know this yet, it is important that you really acquire this knowledge. How? Very simple. All you need is an Instagram business account. Such a business account helps you to understand how the platform works, from which you can then obtain learnings to improve your account - and thus your business! In short, it is simply experimenting on your Instagram business account to find out what works best.


Schedule your posts

Posting manually every week can be quite tiring. You have more on your mind than having to keep in mind that you still have to post something on social media. Scheduling your Instagram posts for a specific period of time can save you time and stress. You can also ensure that your audience gets to see messages in a consistent manner, with an eye for day and time. Within Boss & Boss we work with Hootsuite; a planning tool to manage all social media accounts within your company. It works conveniently and effectively. In addition to Hootsuite, you can also choose Buffer, Schedugram or, for example, Later.


Monitor consistency

You want to reach your target audience. You do this, among other things, by consistently sharing your posts on the platform. Consistency inspires confidence and recognition among the target group. This ensures that you stand out among your target group and therefore stick better. So make it easy for your target group and make a clear schedule of times when you will post. Here you also refer to the statistics that can be found within Instagram Analytics. In addition to ensuring consistency in items, it is also important to pay attention to consistency in recognisability of the image and the text. To do this, choose a specific color / logo / character / writing style and keep it coming back in every message. 


Authenticity & relevance

We would like to emphasize it emphatically; authenticity and relevance are important. Also in the content you share. So do not randomly throw all kinds of messages about topics that are far away from you and your brand. Find out more about the wishes and needs in terms of subjects and then check whether they are in line with the field you are in. Only then do you have the chance that you will get more followers on Instagram. The only way to find out the wishes and needs is to try and test! After a while you will automatically see what is and what is not going well (ps: again via the Instagram Analytics;)). Also note the results, so that you get a good and clear picture of the findings. No inspiration for posts? Sneak a peek at your competitor. They have often also done good research into the target group and its needs. Please note that you use this content for inspiration and that you do not copy it.


Humor is worth its weight in gold

Of course it is good to share your expertise in certain areas, but too much can sometimes come across as a bit too serious and inhumane. Then pump some relaxation and humor into your messages and make people laugh from time to time. For example, share a blunder or a joke of the week that was made in the workplace. This reinforces the personality of your brand. Ultimately, people are always looking for the person behind something in order to feel more connected. Personality in combination with humor means more followers on Instagram.



You want your followers to take actions when they see one of your posts. What action is that? Should they like your post? Or perhaps respond? Do you want them to read your newly written blog? It is good to think about the purpose of your post and how you will express it to your audience. For a reader it is not always easy to trace. Do this by means of call-to-action. To do this, include a specific term or button in the text or image of your post that your visitor can click. Make the action clear, but concise, for example: 'like our message', 'click on the link in bio', 'share your story', 'ask your questions in the comments'.


Image is key!

Your goal to generate more followers on Instagram is good photos or videos of interest. Image appeals to the imagination more than a plain text does, no matter how nice you supplement it with emojis. So take several photos of the object / person you want to post on your profile. Do not immediately choose the first photo, but make an accurate selection, paying attention to the incidence of light, sharpness and color. If necessary, use a filter, but be aware that such a filter can make the image appear somewhat unrealistic.


Comments & likes

We give you the following: interaction with your followers is important! The moment your followers respond under your post or send you a private message, it is therefore very important that you answer them in the shortest possible time frame. Otherwise, your followers may feel like you're not being heard and get the impression that your company is unsympathetic. Respond when they say something nice, have a question, or have a criticism. That way you increase the chance that your followers will continue to follow you and leave such a response more often.



When you post a message, you can also choose to tag the location. It is recommended to use a location tag. You literally put your company on the map within Instagram. The moment people search for your location, there is a good chance that they will also bump into your mail. How nice is that!


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