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At Baas & Baas we focus on Search Engine Optimization every day. Of course for our customers, but also for our own website. SEO is constantly evolving, so we refresh our knowledge once in a while to keep up to date. In this blog we share our latest findings and tell you how you can become a boss in SEO.

Improve the click-through rate

To rank higher in the search engine, Google wants a lot of people to click on your website in the search results. With this, these visitors say that they have found what they were looking for and are interested in the content. Google is therefore more likely to put this page higher than pages that hardly anyone clicks on.

But how do you get people to click on your link? An easy way to do this is to add numbers to the title and description of a link. Research has shown that people click more quickly on a link with a number online. Worth trying!

seo tips

Content Marketing

Content marketing plays an important role within SEO. They also say: content is key. In addition to subtly processing keywords, blogs can also show that you are an expert in a certain area. A good tip here is to use words and topics in a blog that customers also use.

In addition, it is important to write promotional titles with words such as: 'How to', 'The x best', 'The fastest', 'Checklist', 'Guide', 'Tips' and 'Simple'. Provide a motivational introduction and make short and clear sentences that are easy to read. Use keywords and related keywords throughout the text but don't overdo it.

Lower the bounce rate 

This tip also has to do with the fact that Google wants to make its users happy with good content. When visitors leave your website after three seconds, this will be a signal to Google that they did not like the content. The lower the bounce rate the higher you will appear in the search results. The longer people stay on your website, also dwell time the higher you rank.

But how do you take care of this now? First of all, of course, by writing good content, and it can also help to write attractive introductions that encourage people to take action. For example, it is good to make short sentences and you can, for example, link to another relevant page. This keeps people fascinated and makes them more likely to visit other pages on your website.

Update old blog posts

Sometimes old blog posts can be supplemented with new information. It may be that the information is no longer up to date or that new tips have been added. It is then a good idea to adjust and add to the blog. This way you offer more value to the reader and you also have a good reason to share the blog again on social media. Our experience shows that updated blog posts generate an increase in visitors!

Create shareable content

This tip is easier said than done. Most content online is not worth sharing. Therefore, try to distinguish yourself and create shareable content. The more often your article is shared, the higher it will appear in the search results.

But how do you ensure shareable content? First of all, take writing good content very seriously. Allow plenty of time for it, do research and write something new. Supplement the article with interesting infographics and images. In addition, use short URLs with the keyword in them and put social media share buttons prominently on the page.

Write articles of at least 1800 words

Where you used to get away with a 300-word blog, nowadays Google is increasingly looking at longer articles. An average page in Google's top results has 1,890 words. This means that longer articles are easier to find, simply because they offer more value to the reader. Longer and therefore in-depth articles are also shared more often. So let's get started ...

Make up your own keywords

When you come up with original keywords that are relevant to your website, chances are that you are number one in the search results for these keywords. Try to come up with a term that is not yet popular but has potential. This works especially well for new strategies or tips, such as 'The Bosses Tip'.

Encourage responses

The number of comments under a blog influences the ranking in the search results. According to Google, a community on your website to help you get ahead. When you encourage the reader to leave a comment at the end of a blog, it is more likely that a conversation will start underneath the blog. This will only increase the value of the page!

Yoast plugin

A fairly simple but useful tip is to download the Yoast plug-in on your website. This plugin automatically analyzes the text on a respective page. For example, it looks at the title, meta description and the number of words of the text, but also at the readability of the text, internal links and images.

You can see how well the page scores by the color of the dots: green, orange or red. However, do not stare at the green ball, it is not always right;) See the Yoast plug-in mainly as a tool, not as a replacement for your SEO work. It remains an automated system.

SEO tools

Finally, we want to provide you with the best SEO tools of the moment. Optimizing your website becomes a bit easier with these tools. Our favorites:

Answer The Public

With this tool you will find inspiration for keywords within a short time. Many companies use the Google Keyword Planner. By using a different tool, you can distinguish yourself. With this tool you can see what questions people have asked on forums, blogs and social media. This produces many relevant and unique keywords!


With this tool you can map the competition of your company. It lists the most popular websites in your niche. This way you can see how these companies approach it and get inspired by it.

Google's mobile friendliness test

With this tool from Google you can see if your website also looks good on mobile phones. Nowadays Google attaches great importance to this because most websites are ultimately visited on a telephone. With this tool you can test this in a simple way.


Finally, we mention SEObility, a tool with which you can do a complete SEO check of your website. The tool provides insight into things that can be improved, such as pages that load slowly, blocked pages and technical issues.

What is your ultimate SEO tip or tool? Share it with us!

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